Your passions magic~

June 21,2017

At a very young age, I am not aware of where I am good at or what could be the best thing I can do. The special thing that I can do not just because I need it but also I want it. 

Honestly speaking, until this moment I am not still aware of where should I go. What way should I go through. But this past few months, I checked out myself and found out that there was this one thing that I can do everytime and every where I want. 

Since I started highschool, I am unconsciously doing this such thing that until now I am doing it but the difference is that I am aware to it now. 

Most of the times like I am in pain and struggling in life, broken heart, jealous of something I do not have, anger of someone, unacceptance of who really I am, rejection by someone you love and everything that person might go through. 

This thing were always at my side, waiting for me to call and willing to help me all the times. It cant judge me, most of all and ready to hear all my rants. 





Writing was my best buddy and I am proud of it. Even some of the people may find it weird, well I dont need to explain my thoughts to them. This was me. This is me. This is the real me. Through writing I am free. Through writing I can express myself not minding what people might say. Through writing I can show everytime. 

And time passed, I found myself connected to writing. 

And one thing for sure, no once can change it. 

Because writing was a magic to everyone’s life who want to experience something or someone to be their side. 

I, a teenage girl, a Filipino, senior high school, 17 years of age, opening myself to everyone to inspire them atleast and let them know that they must keep on writing to show themselves if they are having hard time to do it. 

Thank you. 

Let’s start our tour in magic. 

Let writing came in to your life. 

Let writing. 

Thank you. 



“I’ve came back finally

Where I all realize

That makes me completely

That not differ in size

I was enlightened

With all my burdens

Everything in Him was lend

And I came back in sense

Now, Im ready

I had enough time

It’s time to forward

To fight, again…”